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From Las Vegas to Your Local; Learn to Play Poker Legs
Monday, 15 August 2011 16:03

There are all many types of poker game, all different variations, as well as different formats. The craze for playing poker world-wide has been led by the popularity of online poker, as well as the fact that this game has become universally televised in its tournament form. The world quite literally went wild for poker, and while this trend appears to bottoming out, it is still one of the most widely loved games in the world. It stands to reason that certain crazes would also spring up around poker, and the latest in this genre is being called 'Poker Legs'.

It is being played from your favourite local pub to Las Vegas, and while 'Poker Legs' may sound like a soft porn film title, nothing could be further from the truth. Legs is great fun to play, and if you take your poker too seriously – let your hair down, play Legs, and have a little fun for a change. This game is for the man or women with the biggest balls, and these balls have nothing to do with bingo! It combines elements of strategy, is a dinkum gambling game, and its imperative that you know the basic rules in order to play.

It is a 'Hold 'em' or 'Fold 'em' style game which mixes up different variations of poker, and is best played amongst friends. It can see the tiniest stakes lead to monster prize pots in only a few short hours. Experts are predicting that Legs is going to take the world of poker by storm. Whether we will see it at online poker or gambling sites or not, still remains to be seen. But generally speaking what rules in the live gambling world, does not take long to migrate online. But be warned, we have been advised that this is a 'degenerate' gambling game!

The aim of the game is to collect Legs, these are special tokens which are won, when a hand is won uncontested. Winning an uncontested hand generally takes place, the higher the prize pot goes, where collecting 'Legs' means playing and winning 4 poker variations by hand value (no drawing new cards and no flop), and the pot must be won uncontested.

It is split into 'Frames' for the betting rounds and each Frame takes as long to play as it takes for one player to collect three Legs. Frame 1 Round 1 starts off with an ante to start the pot, and 2-card Hold 'em – remember, there is no flop so the best hand wins, and A-A is the nuts. The winner of this round collects a bet which is the same size as the pot, from each of the players still in. Round 2 is 3-card low and the action remains the same. So it goes, with Round 3 being 5-card Hold 'em, Round 4 is 2-7 lowball, and this completes 'Frame 1. Players then move onto Frame 2, and the cycle continues until the required amount of legs is collected. As soon as this happens, even if it is in Frame 1 the game is over and new game is begun.

Pechie welcomes his prize money
Wednesday, 06 July 2011 10:01

Justin Pechie won $167,060 in the $1,500 limit hold 'em Event 41 at the WSOP and obtained his first WSOP bracelet. In order to do so, he had to outlast a field of 538 players and fight with pros like Eugene Katchalov or Alan "BodogAri" Engel. The bracelet is his first, however, it’s his third cash in this year’s WSOP and his 14th altogether. Pechie is a renowned online poker player and has accumulated more than $1.5 million over his poker career. High as this sum might seem, he welcomes his last first-prize money – because of the repercussions of the Black Friday where many online players basically lost their deposits and winnings.

Poker - More WSOP From ESPN
Thursday, 23 June 2011 09:36

This whole shakedown of online sites PokerStars, FullTilts and the two "other" brands has really turned the world of poker upside down in the USA. In terms of PokerStars, they are not only an online brand - they are also massive sponsors for live poker tournaments. Where there is big prize money - the massive stars in this game go! Where big names are - the press is always present. Not for ESPN so it seems; they have foregone the big online brands altogether, and like downing rats off a ship; have dropped PokerStars viewing from their broadcast agenda on the turn - faster than you could say flop!

The recent DOJ indictments of these big poker brand names caught people as well as broadcasters unawares. Both the U.S cable TV network as well as ESPN now have plans in place to expand WSOP coverage. While plans to broadcast online brands have been scuttled, the World Series of Poker will benefit big-time. In fact the WSOP will benefit to such an extent that an additional 32 hours of cover will be tagged onto previous broadcast times. This will obviously be broadcast to the US and the rest of the world.

The additional 32 hours (or more) of TV cover for the 2011 WSOP main event, can be found on ESPN, ESPN2 and It takes place at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas; for six consecutive days, starting July 14th and ending on 19th July. Again, this is a collaboration between Caesars, which owns the WSOP brand - and the WSOP Players Advisory Council, as well as ESPN. Barry Greenstein - poker professional and member of the WSOP Players Advisory Council; said that “this is a long-awaited step to get live poker on television, and it represents another good collaboration between Caesars etcetera…" The challenge is, as always, to maintain high standards of integrity in terms of the tournament; while at the same time offering poker fans the type of sports entertainment they wish to see.

Doubts cast upon sapience of the Black Friday move
Tuesday, 07 June 2011 15:13

After the Black Friday in online poker when the three biggest poker websites have been closed down and seized by the FBI (officially, for lying to financial institutions about the nature of their transactions passing them off as transactions related to purchases of common goods through the internet rather than to online poker or gambling), the Feds are gradually becoming subject to public mockery as players who formerly played at Pokerstars, Full Tillt or Absolute Poker have simply moved to offshore gambling companies, effectively shifting all gambling revenues from the U.S. to countries where not event the VAT is required. Amidst these developments doubts are rising about the sagacity of the move that ultimately prevented Americans from playing online within the boundaries of their home countries.

Gallen Hall and Scoot Seiver leding the Bellagio WPT
Thursday, 02 June 2011 16:36

The poker lobby at the Bellagio in Las Vegas is filled with excitement as the WPT Championship is drawing to an end and it seems like the cards have been almost dealt, just waiting to see who will finally be the lucky one taking the first prize. The two main rivals are currently in possession of an almost equal amount of chips, together holding almost a half of all chips in the game. Gallen Hall and Scott Seiver are full of hope and enjoying a one-day break that has been announced after organisers realised that the field of players has been cut down much faster than expected and the tournament will only take six days instead of a week. The 24-year old Gallen Hall made the headlines in January this year for the first time after winning the PCA in the Bahamas. His rival Seiver already has experience in winning a WSOP bracelet event, but this WPT final table is his first one. The final six further include Justin Young, Tony Gargano, Roger Teska, and Freddy Bonyadi.

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