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PokerStars - Where the Poker Legends Compete
Wednesday, 28 March 2012 13:24

PokerStars has come a long way since the events of Black Friday – 15th April 2011. Unlike FullTilt, Absolute and UltimateBet Poker sites which were also closed down by the Department of Justice in the USA. Although they are a privately owned company, this website has rested on their laurels, paid back US and other members what they were owed and continued plying their trade. The fact that the brand was never closed down in France, and has gone on to become a new Belgian licensee tells us volumes about the product.

Besides being the largest online poker brand globally, and the online poker home to millions, one of the strangest things about this massive online operator is that they have never gone public. The events of Black Friday left an opening for public online poker companies to ply their trade under the auspices of being “better than” non listed brands. However, this does not appear to phase PokerStars and they genuinely continue to grow, under no pall from the fallout of April 15th. Despite the fact that PokerStars principal officers have been indicted under the same or similar charges as all the other sites offering services to USA players, that were closed down on the same day.

There are more registered members from countries across the entire world, playing at this online poker site, than at any other poker site. They offer all types of poker tournaments, both online and off, and a massive selection of game varieties running non-stop. This caters for every possible type of player, and offers all levels of player the opportunity to fine tune their game, as well as win big. The liquidity of this site is driven by the massive membership, and Members get to take advantage of huge prize pools because of this liquidity. It’s a win-win situation.

While marketers are encouraging online poker players to stick to more conventional brands – in other words listed brands that are more answerable to both country and company law, PokerStars has yet to let us down in any way. This is the site where the poker legends play, and where Isildur1 first felt confident enough to reveal his true identity. They offer millions of dollars worth of prizes each week as well as lots more incentives for real money players, but this site has something different about them – something more than just being a rewarding playing experience. Unlike all the rest, they have poker magic.

So, marketers who tell us that playing with listed online poker brands such as and Party Poker, are not doing a bad thing by suggesting your money may be safer. But what is poker all about if it is not about taking risks? The riskier a poker game is, the more rewarding it can be. But when you play with a tried and tested as well as consistently growing brand, this allows the best of all possible worlds. PokerStars is certainly the best of the online poker world. © copyright 2009
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