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How to Play Omaha Hold'em

The popularity of Omaha Hold'em Poker rivals Texas Hold'em's, in certain circles it has become the game to play because of it's original and fun gameplay.

Just like it's big brother, Omaha hold 'em Poker is a community card poker game. It originates from the legendary Las Vegas Golden Nugget Casino. Since the online poker boom it has become more and more popular with online poker players, while being a solid brick-and-mortar casino favourite.


Omaha Poker players use their four face down cards and the five community cards they get during the game to form their best poker hand possible.

In Omaha players are dealt four cards in the beginning of the game. They must use both hole cards, plus three out of the five community cards in their attempt to make their best hand.


it also pays to be a loser in Omaha Hold'em as it is is regularly played as a high/low split poker game. The highest hand and the lowest hand split the pot, offering more chances to win something.

The usual betting round is followed by a three card flop. After this comes yet another betting round. The next step is a one card turn card followed by the thirdr betting round. Finally a fifth river card comes together with a final fourth betting round.

Omaha Hold'em poker is an exciting and fun poker variation, make sure you try it if you're after a fresh online poker experience! © copyright 2009
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