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Poker Tips

Even if you're very experienced, you might still reach the point where you get stuck. Here are some tips to help you getting away from the negativity.

  1. Take it easy No matter which poker variant you play, the important thing is to remain calm. Don’t be afraid you take a break if you find after a few rounds that you are not feeling comfortable in your skin and the game not going as you planned
  2. Variation When you play poker, you must make sure your opponents do not see through you. Try to find the strategy that suits you best by alternating poker styles.
  3. Play Styles As stated above, it is wise to try several poker styles. This will make it harder for your opponents to get an idea of what kind of player you are.
  4. Aggressive / tight poker An aggressive and tight poker style is the most profitable strategy on the longer term. Patience is a very important skill with poker. It is not necessary to be born with this skill, though. It is something that you can develop over time. It is advisable to take notes about yourself and your opponents, so that you can learn for the future.
Know your fish

If you play online poker then it’s easy to tell who the fish are, in other words a beginner.

When they sit down at the table, they tend to not bring max chips or they don’t pay the maximum buy-in. Sometimes good players use this tactic to their advantage, so watch out for them.

If a player doesn’t wait for the big blind when he sits down at the table with a maximum of six players, it's a sign that he’s a newbie. He wants to play as fast as possible or just play a few quick hands. It’s just a waste of money doing this.

If a player sits down with the maximum sum at a table but doesn’t buy more chips when he has a few chips left, it probably means that he doesn’t have any money left in his account. This could mean that the player is new on that level with a too small bankroll.

The origin of Poker

Poker is nowadays one of the more popular card games and is being enjoyed by many people all around the world. Especially since the popularization of online poker rooms, which had made the game more accessible to everybody, the card game has experienced a huge boom.

Poker is not a new game and in fact has evolved a lot since its creation, given place to many different versions. The more popular ones are: Omaha Hi, Omaha-Lo, Seven card stud, Seven card stud-hi-lo, Caribbean stud poker and Texas Hold’em among many others, being the last the more commonly played. The different versions differ in the way cards are dealt, how the hands are formed, how many round bets there are and so on.

The origin of the game is not clear and many different theories exist. One of the most commonly theories which try to explain the beginning of this card game goes back to 900 AD, when the Chinese Emperor Mu Tsung is said to be playing “domino cards” with his wife.

After that, the next prove of card games being played date back to the 12th and 13th century, after a few painted cards which resemble the Ganjifa deck were founded in Egypt.

The Persian game known as As Nas which started to be played in the 17th century is also one of the games believed to inspire the poker. The As Nas was played in different betting rounds and different hand ranking could also be identified. This game was soon expanded to Europe, were it evolved in different game variants using different card suits according to the countries. For instance, in Spain and Italy the following suit was used: swords, batons, cups and coins. In Switzerland the four suits were: shields, flowers, bells and acorns; and in Germany: hearts, leaves, bells and acorns.

However, the strongest theory regarding the origin of poker dates back to the 15th Century in France, where a game named Poque started to be very popular. In this game a deck of four suits was also used: hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. Moreover, bluffing and betting were part of the game, which will see its biggest evolution after the French exported it to the American continent. There, a professional gambler named Jonathan H. Green came across the game, which he referred to as the “cheating game” as he mentioned in his book “An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling”. What we still don’t know is when the cheating game became known as poker.

Independently of its origin, what it is clear nowadays is that poker, whether online or played at land based casinos, is the most popular cards game.

History of the World Series of Poker

The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is the biggest and most prestigious poker competition in the world, held in Las Vegas every year.

The first WSOP was a much smaller scale event than today's mega-bucks poker circus extravaganza. In fact, the World had hardly noticed the first event that was held in 1970 when a well known poker enthusiast who also happened to be a casino owner, invited six of his friends to play at his place. These friends happened to be the most highly respected and best known poker players at the time. The competinion was held at the legendary Horseshoe Casino in Vegas.

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